What We Offer

 45 minute 
Beginner Lesson $45.00

45 minute single lesson great for staying local to your home for beginners

1 Hour Lesson $60.00

60 minute extended lesson to practice parking and more difficult intersections

90 minute Lesson $80.00


90 minute

lesson great for test preparation driving around Melton

2 Hour Lesson $100

120 minute
lesson great for test preparation driving around Melton or getting further out of the local area 

(limited availability)


90 minute preparation lesson followed by the use of our car and driving instructor for the VicRoads Test

** time allowing can include pick up and drop off also  


 - At the Melton Office $200

 includes 90 minute lesson 

See additional Vicroads fees you may incur below 

Please note that VicRoads Licence Fees below are additional to the driving schools Test fee (pricing as at April 2021)

Learner Permit test booking at Vicroads - $43.60

Hazards Computer test fee $37.80

Drive test Booking fee - $64.60

4 year licence $110.30

(if you are over 21 -  3 year licence $82.80)

Auto to manual Conversion $32

* additional fees for Visa card payments